EOH Coastal Academy

AUTHOR: Neil van Wyngard, Head of EOH Coastal Academy

EOH Coastal is taking a proactive approach to overcoming the niche, high-end IT skills shortages confronting the industry today. At the EOH Coastal Academy, we are preparing the next generation of in-demand skills for the real-world workforce, through a combination of intense classroom training and practical experience and mentorship. In line with the renowned national EOH skills development approach, EOH Coastal is upskilling staff and graduates and seeking to partner with universities to ensure IT courses meet the changing demands of the industry. We believe this benefits the entire region, helping overcome the skills shortfall EOH and its partners experience, but also helping local industry to drive progress and stimulate economic growth.  

The EOH Job Creation Initiative is a priority project for us, as our contribution to alleviating South Africa’s youth unemployment challenge, which sees more than six million young South Africans not gainfully employed. Our aim is to create employment for more than 100 000 young people, through learnerships and internships with our partners and clients. Beyond the Job Creation Initiative, we have a mature internal academy, assisting graduates to integrate into our teams and deploy to clients as easily as possible with immediate productivity.

The EOH Coastal Academy continues to change the lives of the students who complete the 9 months of gruelling mentorship and training. Mushfiqah Benjamin, current SharePoint consultant, completed her internship at the academy in 2017:  “We were thoroughly prepared for what was to be expected of us in industry and the standards we were required to meet. We were provided with all the necessary training which ultimately contributed to our career path that we are now able to build upon”.

Nosipo Silinga shares the same sentiment, “The EOH Academy has changed my life in ways I will never be able to measure, I can now proudly say that I’m an independent working woman who can provide for my family and continue to learn and work in the IT industry”.

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