Move Ahead With Mobile

Mobile applications are fast gaining traction as the next generation link to market, as well as the optimal channel for managing remote workforces and enhancing efficiencies.

But the application economy does not mean you must discard tried and trusted enterprise apps. EOH fields industry-leading application development and integration teams to help you roll out innovative new applications, as well as to repurpose and enhance existing services and admin platforms wrapped in smart, intuitive and high usage mobile applications.

EOH’s trusted traditional Software Engineering practice extends into the app development space to help you build secure enterprise strength mobile applications that support customer engagement and mobile workforce efficiency.

Best Practice Mobile Development

With a solid track record in mobile application specialisation, EOH will assesses your application product vision, ensuring that the envisaged customer experience drives the technology frameworks, and not the other way around. We will help you adopt and implement a solution that meets your needs, with  application feature growth, scale and operational stability seamlessly built in.  This approach allows us to be technology agnostic and at the time able to respond to the required technology needs whether native, hybrid or other. While we field some of the best native mobile application technology delivery capability available, our existing software development capability also allows us to extend our reach into hybrid solutions. Throughout the development and implementation process, we conform to strict mobile application governance and standards, whether the technology is Native Objective C, Swift, Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native or IONIC.