Optimise Your IT Infrastructure

The depth and diversity of technology available today can make infrastructure planning daunting. You must determine the cost, performance and security benefits of cloud vs on-premise, appropriate hardware and software to support your business strategy, platforms that optimise your applications and storage that delivers on future needs.

EOH infrastructure analysis and solution engineering surpasses industry excellence standards to optimise your infrastructure in line with your business goals, delivering a superior user experience, full business adaptability and robust IT security.

Get the EOH Difference

EOH differentiates both on the calibre of our software engineering skills and our ability to tailor solutions to meet the unique demands of our customers. Our culture of incubating teams of skilled software engineers, guided in issue analysis by skilled business consultants, enable EOH to provide excellence in delivering infrastructure from traditional infrastructure to the most contemporary cloud solutions. When expectations are high and the margin for error is zero, our engineers deliver appropriate solutions with the best possible returns on your IT investment.

Our Infrastructure Model

By evaluating your current IT infrastructure using our unique assessment models, we gauge the maturity of your organisation’s five infrastructure anchors:

  • Identity Management
  • Device Management
  • Security and Networking
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • IT and Security Processes

Our analysis benchmarks the outcomes of any assessment against leading industry trends, providing a departure point for formulating solutions. Inefficiencies are flagged and latent value potential within your infrastructure is identified. We scope the full spectrum of your IT – from a basic cost centre to dynamic and strategic assets, identifying possible improvements everywhere and anywhere.