Combining the expertise of leading developers, self-service and digital marketing specialists, EOH Digital delivers digital strategy consulting, digital marketing - including social media, email and mobile marketing, mobile applications, web design and development and critical SEO from the ground up.

User Experience (UX)

Digital channels are only as good as the user experience they deliver. EOH’s team of UX experts will benchmark your site against global best practice to ensure accessibility, logical navigation, design excellence, mobile optimisation, fast browsing and user friendly interfaces, so your systems support your overall brand experience.

Customer Experience (CX)

Great customer experience (CX) design is a lot more than clever software engineering. EOH fields one of the few dedicated teams of CX experts in the country, to ensure quality interactions between the customer and the brand across all digital touch points. By extracting knowledge from immense fields of data and analysing exactly what customers expect, EOH will design and engineer an optimal customer journey that exceeds expectations at every level.