Customise your competitive advantage

Your software and applications will determine how competitive you can be in the next-generation business environment. So why use the same tools everyone else has? Our custom developed applications allow you to differentiate, without compromising on design or functionality.

We know that every system is unique, so our custom development services encompass multiple technologies; configured to meet your specific business goals.

Stay abreast of global best practice

Technology is the new competitive advantage, so in the fast-changing global market, your technology has to be world-class, flexible and fast.

We harness groundbreaking cloud technologies and field the most advanced skills resources, allowing us to build and release applications rapidly so that you can service your customers better and faster. We deliver applications that are scalable and flexible without compromising the all-important quality that you have come to expect from EOH.

Get the IoT advantage

Internet of Things (IoT) presents the next wave of business opportunities. EOH is already making great strides in the IoT arena, building solutions for our clients both locally and internationally.

Speak to us about how our skilled IoT experts can help you connect, control and measure everything in your world and take your business to the next level.

Advanced Enterprise Integration

Effective data flows between systems are crucial for organisations to create value added services and awesome customer experiences. EOH harnesses industry standard tools combined with multiple technology options to integrate and optimise your systems, allowing you to create knowledge out of data to guide your business strategy.

Next-gen DevOps

Overcome difficult release cycles with nightmare release weekends and associated downtime and risk. With multiple offerings and tools available, leveraging continuous release cycles through highly modularised micro service architectures, EOH will update your applications continuously and without impact to your customers.