User Experience Design | Design Thinking

EOH follows a user-centric approach when putting together a solution, driven by feedback and insights from the users. This approach allows us to ideate as many solutions as possible, then prototype a solution to validate our assumed solutions.

Core to our User Experience offering is a practice called User-Centered Analysis (UCA). This collaborative technique entails engaging with users to help us make truly informed design decisions. Using this approach, EOH can help you perform thorough user research and define an effective design strategy including scenario, task and environmental analysis, user profiles and personas and an information architecture.


Experience Maps | Interviews | Personas | Task Analysis | Scenarios / Storyboards | Surveys

Our User Experience process starts by setting the objectives of a project which creates the foundation for strategy, design, content and information architecture. During the research stage, we start to empathise with the user by discovering their needs and emotions when using a product. During this stage, we identify the strategy that defines both the user needs and business goals. We follow an analytical approach that delivers insights on your user’s reactions and interactions with your product.

Ideation & Prototyping

Low-fidelity prototyping | high-fidelity prototyping | Wireframes | Ideation | Information Architecture | Navigation

Sketching ideas and interactive prototyping provides a visual solution based on all the insights and information gathered during the research stage. Prototypes allow us to simulate the solution, to structure the information architecture and design features that we would like to test in usability testing. Prototypes are an effective way to communicate between team members and, more importantly, allow  for early testing of the flow of the product as well as the navigation and layout.

Usability Testing

On-site Testing | Guerrilla Testing | Card & Reverse-card Sorting | A/B Testing | Remote Usability Testing

Usability testing validates the solution with the end user using a variety of methods, based on the goals and strategy created in the beginning of the process. Based on the feedback and outcomes, the solution will be iterated, allowing you to create a product that the user will not only find it useful, but love as well.

Look & Feel Design

User Interface Design | High-fidelity

The visual appeal of your product or solution can have a huge impact with your users. This process allows you to see what the final product will look like, and can also be tested with users to receive enriched insights and feedback.