Quality that enhances your Software Life Cycle

Software Quality Assurance is about more than confirming that your systems work: it should enhance your Software Life Cycle to ensure that you achieve the business value you intended. It takes sharp skills, expertise and proven experience to execute on this mandate and push systems to their limits so that they transform your business.

We have honed our skills in the quest for software that performs beyond expectations. We know that every customer has different needs, so each strategy is unique, while conforming to best practices to provide a context-driven quality assurance service that completes your Software Life Cycle.

More than functionality

While software that conforms to requirements is crucial, working software is of greatest value to your business. EOH understands this and ensures that not only are your specifications realised, but that your system is ready for use in the real world.

Our consulting services include vital nonfunctional requirements that we also integrate into the Software Life Cycle. EOH leverages a variety of leading DevOps tools that automate functions to eliminate retesting and provide speed and reliability, to ensure that systems are delivered faster to your users.