About the Masterclass

The masterclass course is designed and presented by Ian Golding, world renowned Customer Experience Specialist together with Michelle Badenhorst, CX Professional from EOH.

All graduates of the course will be given case studies, exercises and stories that bring to life the skills needed to succeed as a CX professional. You will create a relevant and personalised action plan that can start immediately and you will be able to demonstrate greater knowledge, confidence and credibility in the subject within your organisation.

For added value, we're offering a Day 3, where you'll have the opportunity to write the actual CCXP exam. 

The CCXP Exam

To get you ready for the CCXP exam, Ian Golding will host a Day 3, after the Masterclass Course, where he'll help you in preparation for the CCXP exam followed by a physical sitting of the exam on the same day. A great opportunity to get your final training and exam writing complete in just 3 days. 

*CCXP exam payable to the CXPA directly. 

When and Where


  • Week of 20 May 2019
  • 09:00 - 16:00
  • Day 1 & 2: Masterclass 
  • Bonus: Day 3: Exam Prep and Writing of CCXP Exam

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Final Details

Masterclass Day 1 & 2: R 14 000

Masterclass Day 1 & 2, and CCXP Exam Day 3: R 19 500

*Exl VAT.  *CCXP Exam Fees not included.

For more info, please email Michelle Badenhorst at michelle.badenhorst@eoh.com

Module Outline

Pre-workshop activities

Prior to their attendance at the masterclass, all delegates would be sent a questionnaire exploring their current understanding of customer experience. The questionnaire should be sent back prior to attendance at the workshop.

Topics include

All core CX competencies, including CX Strategy and brand proposition, the role of employees in delivering the strategy, customer journey mapping, CX measurement (VOC, VOE and VOP), CX improvement, and CX culture.

Day 1

  1. Introductions and expectations
  2. The role of the Customer Experience Professional
    • Leading the customer agenda
    • Influencing with credibility
    • CXPA’s Competencies for the CCXP accreditation
  3. Customer Strategy
    • Customer strategy examples
    • Customer Experience frameworks
    • Evaluating your customer strategy
  4. Brand Proposition
    • What is it and why is it important?
    • Being clear about the brand promise
    • What makes a brand proposition

Day 2

  1. Customer-centric culture
    • Characteristics of customer-centric organisations
    • What should customer-centric leaders be doing?
    • Employee experiences
  2. Who are your customers?
    • The flaws in traditional segmentation methods
    • Creating customer personas
    • Using personas to influence
  3. Customer empathy
    • What is empathy and why is it important?
    • How to think like your customers think
    • The role of storytelling
  4. Customer journey mapping
    • The principles of mapping customer journeys effectively
    • Keeping it simple and actionable
    • Prioritising the most important things
  5. Measurement
    • Measurement principles
    • Aligning the voices of your customers, people and processes
    • Know what your priorities are
  6. Action planning
    • For you personally and your organisation
    • A framework for managing what happens next
    • Keeping up the momentum

Day 3

  1. CCXP Exam Preparation 
  2. Writing of CCXP Exam