Programme and project management spanning the application lifecycle

EOH’s comprehensive programme and project management services span the ALM (application lifecycle management) to ensure predictable outcomes. We have successfully delivered on programmes and projects across all industries, taking both waterfall and agile approaches, to support each business’s unique requirements.

Our mature programme, project and service management methodologies ensure predictable outcomes at any scale, with our overarching principle that delivery is paramount.

Visionary Analysis Services

EOH’s multi-disciplined consultants have high-level skills and experience across the gamut of industries and solutions. With capabilities including Business, Process, Systems and Data Analysis in traditional as well as agile projects environments, EOH’s wealth of experience means we are uniquely positioned to support your projects regardless of the technology, industry or scope.

Thanks to deep collaboration between our expert analysts, product owners and UX consultants, EOH has developed highly skilled hybrid professionals, who can deliver regardless of the approach.

Leading edge Customer and User Experience (CX & UX)

EOH’s CX and UX offerings follow the industry standard ‘Human Centered Design’ approach to ensure that business requirements are implemented in line with customer expectations and user needs. Our skilled consultants have a wealth of experience in research, analysis and design to ensure experiences exceed customer expectations, resulting in more repeat customers and ultimate business growth.

Our application delivery projects ensure that CX and UX are seamlessly included into Application Lifecycle Management; and are also bolstered by training, to ensure that all stakeholders can deliver flexible, innovative solutions that meet their customers’ requirements.