Enterprise Planning and Development

Helping you develop or mature your enterprise architecture to more effectively support your business outcomes.  

Solution Development and Assurance

Following proven architectural patterns for delivering maintainable, extensible and scalable systems.

Application Portfolio Management

Planning the evolution of the application portfolio throughout its lifecycle: from identification to retirement.

Vendor or Package Selection

Helping you identify new IT systems and vendors to support the optimal target solution.   Our architecture consulting services can assist you in the development of evaluation approaches for the comparison of competing technologies against your EA strategy, business strategy and business requirements.    

Future-proof Architectural Consulting

With a future-proof architecture, your business stands to reduce total cost of ownership, increase customer reach and drive operational efficiency. Our highly skilled architects will evaluate your business’s strategies and goals, and help you deliver architecture that supports these. We see ourself as a partner in your business success, and as such, our team will immerse itself in your business to ensure your architecture underpins your strategy and is right the first time.

Our approach is as practical as possible, and we will guide you through each step of the process – from maturity assessments and integration strategies, through to consolidation strategies. Throughout the process, all architecture undergoes a continuous review against accepted practices through an established internal architecture forum.