Share trading experience – local and foreign exchanges – shares, ETF’s, Kruger Rands, bonds, unit trusts, cash. Shares and cash are the majority of instruments so knowledge in this area is key.

Skills & Requirements

  • Product knowledge, e.g. voluntary, pre-retirement and retirement products with the legislation that governs them.
  • Knowledge of the various forms of tax and IT3B and IT3C certificates – CGT, DWT, trustee tax, etc.
  • Ability to re-act promptly and clearly on critical BAU issues.
  • Ability to analyse data and stored procedures using MS SQL Server and Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Attention to detail and presentation – e.g. checking tax certificates, detailed client statements, etc.
  • Write business requirements documents taking various systems and processes into account.
  • Meet with business representatives in weekly meetings.

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