Corporate Communications

Remove roadblocks and provide a clear path for people to get work done. Create shared values, goals and objectives across the company to maximise the productivity and potential of your team.

Team Collaboration

Unlock the knowledge and expertise that lives in the minds and memory of your company. Building trusted relationships across the entire organisation to promote open dialogue, discussion and knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Management

Enable faster decision making with improved collaboration and streamlined workflows. Establishing a single source of truth which makes finding the right people, information and process easier.

Social Workflow

Create a digital destination that highlights your company's biggest asset: people. With the rise of social media, mobile and next gen applications, social workflows are a driving factor in exponential innovation in your company.

Digital Transformation

Workplaces are changing, and companies that embrace digital solutions for collaboration and knowledge sharing are reaping the benefits of better engagement, productivity and innovation. Igloo helps companies build inspiring digital destinations for a more productive and engaged workforce.


Companies evolve and grow, sometimes at an alarming rate. The KMWorld collaborative judging panel selected Igloo’s Digital Workplace Solutions portfolio on a criteria of usefulness, scalability, and innovation. Proving that the platform can grow at the same speed as your business.

Your Digital Workplace Solution that Connects Your Workforce

Imagine a place that knows your business better than any person

An engaged and informed workforce is fundamental to staying ahead of the curve. But simply connecting people isn't enough.

A digital workplace isn't just one solution. It's the sum of all your investments – in your technology and your people. And Igloo is the mission critical platform that ties it all together.