EOH Dual Shore

EOH has recognised the unique characteristics of software developers where they seek to be continually challenged by technical innovation and leading edge solutions. At EOH in the Western Cape we have 500+ individuals who form the core of our software delivery expertise

Technology is the new competitive advantage, so in the fast-changing global market, your technology has to be world-class, flexible and fast. Your software and applications will determine how competitive you can be in the next-generation business environment. Our custom developed applications allow you to differentiate, without compromising on design or functionality. 

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Our Solutions:


Enterprise Application





Why Outsource?


Africa has a wealth of knowledge and experience with large workforce ready to take on any challenge 

Cost Efficiency

The benefit of outsourcing is reduced rates for high quality and expert service and delivery

Ease of Communication

Global communication tools and timezones ensures smooth collaboration and communication


High quality output based on a variety of project management methods and skilled development teams

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Meet Trina Luiz

Trina Luiz looks after our Dual Shore business. A motivated, results driven Leader with a solid background in Project Management, Trina is not new to the IT and has a passion for technology. Having launched a variety of successful software development projects, she attributes “building strong relationships” to being the key to any successful delivery. She is ready to chat to you about how dual shoring can benefit your business.

Email Trina on: trina.luiz@eoh.com