Vodacom - Telecommunications

Contact centre quality management enhancement


Vodacom’s highly successful, but manual, quality assessment process for agents required a solution to support the assessment and feedback process and provide reporting. The assessment solution had to be integrated into the recording software to enable assessors, team leaders, supervisors and agents to listen to voice recordings and view screen recordings as part of the assessment and feedback process.


EOH harnessed technologies including SQL Server and ASP.Net to develop an automated solution to replace the manual process, reducing the time taken for quality assurance and making reporting instantly available to the business.  The QMF system authenticates the user and assigns permissions base on their profile in the Vodacom APEX internal system, allows a senior user to customize settings and specify who will receive reports, and allows appropriate quality assessors to select an agent to assess, choose an associated recording, complete and approve an assessment, transfer the assessment and discard an assessment. The system also generates a survey to send to an agent regarding the feedback session, conducts regular calibrations to ensure that quality assessors adhere to specific assessment standards, audits all changes and interactions, and sends reports to specified parties. The system integrates with existing Vodacom systems, leveraging off functionality such as recording playback and user authentication built into these systems.

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