Virgin Active SA - Health & Fitness

Single view of the customer and personalised communications enabled


Virgin Active SA, the largest health and fitness business in South Africa with over three million members, was having difficulty managing personalised communications and campaigns for specific customer segments. Campaigns and communications were run through a third party bulk SMS and email service, and with customer data residing in multiple data store locations, the process of generating segmented marketing lists through legacy systems was disconnected and prone to error. Virgin Active SA needed accurate information and a single view of the customer in order to effectively personalise communications.


Virgin Active SA took the decision to implement Dynamics CRM and integrate into their legacy membership system in order to provide an integrated marketing and communications tool. EOH designed a reliable data integration model to extract, transform and load data onto the CRM system and push updated data back into the membership system. The data cleanup project ran a data take-on process for three million customer records and implemented data rules. Integration processes included the customer self-service portal, the membership POS and payment system, customer retention data, club information, payment information, corporate accounts, employee data, active directory, SMS portal and personal trainer information. The CRM solution is integrated into the master BI warehouse and allows Virgin Active SA to issue targeted member communication through email, the customer self-service portal and SMS, and support tracking of the effectiveness of campaigns. It delivers a single view of the customer and allows the organisation to segment the customer database according to profiles and behavior. Taking retention marketing communications in-house has also delivered cost savings.

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