Virgin Active SA - Health & Fitness

Empowering users to manage reporting


Virgin Active South Africa’s data repository was built on SQL 2000 and Cognos, and offered limited access to information. Access to information was IT intensive and in most cases, data had to be obtained from various sources. In addition, Cognos skills within the organisation were limited. Virgin Active needed a single source of information in a well-designed conformed data mart. It also needed to decommission the Cognos environment to save on licensing costs and move to a heterogeneous reporting toolset.


EOH implemented a data warehouse built on SQL 2012 technology using Ralph Kimball methodologies; later also starting delivery of some reports using Excel services on SharePoint 2013. The primary sources of information were Microsoft AX (Procurement and GL), Fraxion (Procurement), MOL ( Electricity metering) and a Membership system built on a Firebird database. The new model allowed for conformance between the business processes and provided a clean, single version of the truth. SSRS reports on a SharePoint intranet was used to deliver information to general users. SSAS Tabular Cubes and Excel Pivot tables were used for analytical reporting in head office, primarily by the finance department. The solution moved reporting into business users’ hands and enabled finance users to pull their own data and build reports without intervention by IT.

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