University of Stellenbosch - Education Sector

Accurate student data snapshots


Stellenbosch University’s reporting function was found to be inaccurate, with various business owners developing disparate reports based on data they believed to be correct. With no single version of the truth, the university required all available data from systems including the SIS, student application, residence and accommodation, bursary and loans and student marks systems to be consolidated into a cube which end users could browse via Excel.


EOH cleaned data and imported it into the data warehouse using SQL Server Integration Services, ensuring it was normalised using the Kimball methodology. A tabular cube was built using SQL Server Analysis Services and additional calculations were created using DAX based on the user’s requirements.

EOH implemented Power View, an interactive data exploration, visualisation and presentation experience that encourages ad-hoc reporting.  The solution allows a business user to build a prototype of a cube using data that is exposed in the operational data store, and connect to this data source via Excel to build the relevant data cubes using Power Pivot. The development team then imports the Power Pivot model and deploys it to the SSAS server.

The solution supports single view of the truth reporting and the delivery of data snapshots at certain points during the year.

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