SAMMRI - Education and Scientific Sector

Improved research collaboration and workflow


The University of Cape Town’s Centre of Mineral Research needed a Data Management System (DMS) for the South African Minerals to Metals Research Institute (SAMMRI). The DMS had to support data storage, collaboration and retrieval of project data to ensure effective collaboration between all stakeholders.


Harnessing the SharePoint Online platform, EOH implemented the collaboration platform with three sites – for SAMMRI, Board Members and Projects. The SAMMRI DMS site includes features such as a calendar and news feed app; the Board Members site includes a list of libraries of content and documents, and the Projects site contains a list of all projects with unique permissions per user.

The solution significantly improved the process of storing and sharing information. It ensures that only authorised users have appropriate access to the latest and correct versions of information, and that a full audit trail of all changes is stored within the platform.

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