PresLes - Manufacturing

Streamlining the Core Manufacturing & Warehousing IT Systems


Pre Les designs, manufactures and distributes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and fine dining products which are marketed through direct sales agents.  The company sought to leverage the latest technologies to optimise their IT system’s interface design and its alignment with factory and warehousing processes, and to rewrite its aged Delphi base manufacturing and warehouse distribution systems.


Aligning with Pres Les’s own agile software development methodology, EOH undertook the system rewrite to streamline the core manufacturing and IT systems, following an agile scrum process over 14 project stages.  The solution is 100% custom-built on Microsoft technologies including ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL Server. With the project still underway, Pres Les users already benefit from reduced system menu navigation and click actions; the removal of manual updating and capturing to Excel spreadsheets, new intuitive and user-friendly screen designs, and process optimisation.

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