Mpact Plastic Containers - Manufacturing



Agile CRM and improves sales functionality


Mpact, formerly Mondi Packaging South Africa, is one of the largest paper and plastic packaging businesses in South Africa, with 31 operating sites- 24 of which are manufacturing operations. Mpact’s custom CRM and ERM integration to manage processes, applications and data was proving complex and costly to maintain.


EOH provided a prepackaged integrated solution which provides Mpact with a holistic view of customers. EOH MC implemented a Scribesoft integration solution for Dynamics CRM, which seamlessly integrates data between Dynamics CRM and ERP in near real time. By combining CRM data with financial data (Syspro), the solution allows the sales team to use mobile technology for orders in the field. This supports reduced costs, a more agile sales team and the ability to manage customer relationships more effectively.

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