Masthead - Services & Financial Services



Enhanced risk and compliance management


Masthead, a national supplier of risk management and compliance services to financial advisors and other licensed financial services providers (FSPs). Masthead required a web-based auditing tool that was fast, efficient, able to scale vertically and horizontally and capable of being adapted to mobile platforms.


EOH developed RiskMaster, a bespoke auditing tool delivering offline capability for users where connectivity is unreliable and availability on mobile platforms to allow application users to engage with clients in various locations. Using SQL Server (2005 to 2012), SQL Server Integration Services (2005 – 2012), SQL Server Analysis Services (2005 – 2012), SQL Server Reporting Services (2005 – 2012), ASP.NET MVCWebAPI 2, Entity Framework, .Net Framework 4.5.1, Object Mapper, Bootstrap, React JS, Flux and Frontend Build Systems – Bower NodeJS, EOH built RiskMaster to support Masthead operations. RiskMaster allows Masthead to streamline data from the CRM to help identify risk, draw reports and perform analysis.

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