EOH Internal Training Courses Empowers Staff to Thrive in the Real-World

EOH has committed itself to the ‘Best People’ principle and works hard to ensure that it’s staff adhere to being the best!

As a testament to this, one of the company’s Project Manager’s based in the Western Cape had shared her empowerment experience, thanking EOH for preparing her to thrive in the world outside of work. Her story is as follows:

Bongi Ngaka was approached by her son’s school to speak to fellow parents about an upcoming event at a parents meeting as well as facilitate the event as the Master of Ceremonies on the day. She says that even though this had taken her completely out of her comfort zone, she accepted the offer. Bongi says if it were not for a ‘Toast Master’s’ course that she had recently attended through EOH, she would not have made it through the day.

Through the ‘Toast Master’s’ course, she had improved her presentation skills and gained enough confidence to speak to a crowd of more than 100 people. Following the event, she received praises from both fellow parents and staff members at the school on how well she had communicated and conducted herself.

Bongi says: ‘I am extremely grateful to be employed at a company who strives to empower their people and groom them for success in all aspects of life”. She is eternally grateful for being allowed the opportunity to gain skills that can be used both in and out of her working environment.

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