EOH Connect 2018

EOH hosted its second annual EOH Connect conference at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The conference, titled: “Fast Data – Business at the Speed of Thought”, focussed on the disruptive nature of high-speed broadband for business.

This massive event attracts many ICT professionals, with last year’s event hosting over 1,900 attendees, and this year seeing over 2,000.

Speakers at this year’s conference included:

  • EOH ICT CEO, Rob Godlonton.
  • Civic CEO, Vinny Lingham.
  • EOH International Cloud VP, Simone Zanetti.
  • Motivational speaker, Hein Wagner.

Guests at the conference also had the opportunity to join seven technology topic tracks centered around Fast Data. Topics included:

  • Agile, Intelligent Infrastructure: Powering compute platforms of the future through the use of more flexible and more responsive infrastructure.
  • #DevAnything: Every company needs to be a software company capable of continuous delivery. How DevOps, micro services and containerisation can help South African businesses operate with pace and agility.
  • Big Analytics, real-time: Predicting the future and acting on it. How next generation data platforms will apply predictive analytics, in real-time.
  • Analytics-driven Customer Experience: How analytics can be embedded and used to drive value into the customer experience.
  • Blockchain: A practical session exploring how Blockchain can be exploited and how organisations can approach early innovation and investment.
  • Internet of Things: Digital transformation through IoT, specifically across the value chain of the manufacturing industry.
  • Robotics: To bot or not? The augmented digital workforce of the future, and what it means for your current workforce.

The event floor included vendor stands showcasing various ICT products and solutions, along with a main stage for keynote speakers and presentations.

Rob Godlington welcoming the delegates at EOH Connect

EOH Coastal represented EOH Connect by hosting two stands… Igloo and #DevAnything.

With Igloo we demonstrated the power of a digital workspace that staff members actually engage with, whilst still working with systems and products that businesses already use, such as SharePoint. The intranet has not died – instead, it has morphed into a digital workspace. The consensus was reached by multiple interested parties that Igloo is exactly what they were looking for. This at its very core is the reason why we have partnered with Igloo, and the EOH Connect conference served as a launching pad to exponentially grow this offering.

The Igloo Team

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#DevAnything attracted a host of keen observers. We took our IOT and Cognitive services themes – underpinned by DevOps – all the while utilizing cloud PAAS and SAAS technologies along as a point of demonstration and discussion.

The interest was amazing with up to 2 hour long discussions being held with interested attendees and their high-powered delegations around both themes. It was also surprising how much our customers can benefit from our DevOps and cloud application development knowledge. What we do as part of our normal business day is foreign and new to them.

The alignment to key EOH Connect themes kept both stands permanently busy with loads of interest, keen conversations and the resultant generation of leads. This kept our dedicated and excited teams on their toes, making it a memorable and successful experience!

The team chatting Facial Recognition

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Thavash Govender, Data and AI at Microsoft SA, interviewed Kevin Miller from EOH Coastal on the Insure IoT platform which we built to monitor and predict geyser leakage for insurance companies. See full video below:

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