Who We Are

EOH Coastal is your innovative, flexible digital solutions partner. The customer is at the centre of our mission to build solutions that drive businesses forward.

EOH Coastal has evolved from a specialist IT management business to a fully-fledged digital transformation organisation and part of the powerful JSE-listed EOH group of companies. We help clients transform and adapt their business in the digital environment through consulting, building and implementing a full suite of transformational digital solutions.

With a successful 20-year track record and over 13,000 highly skilled employees, EOH Coastal is one of the best technology and business solutions companies to work for, partner with and invest in.

We retain amongst the best skills in the industry thanks to our industry-leading staff incentives, positive workplace environment and 21st century approaches to job satisfaction. We believe that by enabling our teams to achieve their career and life goals, we create the most innovative, service-oriented company, which is great for employees and clients alike. This is our competitive advantage.

We offer industry leading incentives to our staff, because they’ve earned it and we know they are worth it. Healthy people are happy and productive employees and at EOH Coastal we do a lot more than an apple a day to keep it that way.  We’re not a cubicle farm and our office environment is very much 21st instead of 20th century human resources. Having great people achieve career and life goals, creates the best company for employees and that’s our competitive advantage. 

EOH is an unashamedly proudly South African company that is passionate about positively influencing the lives of all South Africans. We structure our business offering to address our country’s challenges, such as water resource engineering, energy infrastructure and services, while carefully allocating our CSI funding for the best return of our citizens.